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Commercial real estate is a perfect fit for aerial photos and videos. A high quality video can get you more views or hits and help sell or rent a space faster. The quality of the photos and videos you provide will never close a sale for you, but they could deter a potential buyer. Presenting your properties in the best way possible is our main goal. All of our photos and videos come edited and ready to be uploaded online, used for print media, or shared to your client. 

Want up to date maps of a site to help direct contractors or maintenance employees? We can create a simple, high definition, accurate map of the current state of your site. This is not your low resolution 2 year old satellite image, it's hundreds of overhead photos stitched together to create 1 top-down image of the whole site. Click here for an example.

Why use us when you might have your own drone? MKE Drones takes pride in providing quality video and photo with great editing. We encourage you to view our gallery and compare our work to other aerial photo and video providers and see the difference. On top of our quality, we are commercial UAS certified, follow all FAA regulations, and get the proper authorizations for controlled airspace when required.

Are you in commercial or residential real estate and looking to start using video for your properties? Contact us here for a quote. We can provide indoor still images and video along with our standard aerial services.