aerial photography

Aerial photography gives a perspective that is unique. It can better represent scale and size of buildings and landscapes when compared to ground photography. Aerial views also offer many more angles to shoot at and many more options for framing, with almost infinite space to move around while taking photos to get more content into each image. These days aerial cameras offer almost the same capabilities and quality as those used by ground photographers - but we can go a lot higher!

In a day when everyone seems to be a "photographer" or have a great camera, it can be more difficult to set yourself apart from your competition. Aerial photos can take a business typically considered boring and add interest or show complexity. Construction, engineering, and manufacturing firms can now showcase the full scope of a project or factory with aerial photos - plus drones allow us to get angles previously unavailable with traditional aerial photography from planes and helicopters. We can even shoot indoors. 

At MKE Drones we shoot high quality aerial photos using our drones. Our experience lets us get you the shots that look the best. Quality aerial photos are a great way to enhance a website, marketing campaign, or print media. Take a look at our work - compare it to others and see why we are the best choice for your aerial photography needs. We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but we go anywhere. Contact us for a quote or more info.