About MKE Drones

Based in the Milwaukee area, MKE Drones was started in 2016 by Jon Elliott. With 10 years of experience in the construction industry dealing with marketing, technology, and managing construction, he saw strong potential in drones (UAVs). With a degree in education he is equipped to provide courses for safe flight and learning to operate drones. Safety training, flight training, FAA certification, and diligent practice went into our preparation so we could provide others with quality aerial video, photography, and mapping. Milwaukee is our home town and we are proud to be in Wisconsin.

Safety is the #1 priority for MKE Drones. If an aerial flight cannot be safely done and inside the bounds laid out by the FAA then we will not fly! We are certified by the FAA and carry insurance when flying. It can be tricky to fly legally in Milwaukee due to all the airports we have, so make sure your photos and video are obtained legally. As well we have hundreds of hours flying and taking training courses for safe flight. 

Right behind safety we focus on delivering a quality product to our customers. No one wants to pay for a video only to find out it's not quite what they expected. We work with customers during the editing process to make sure we are giving them a product that meets their needs and expectations.

Just in case our name was confusing - yes, we use drones for all our aerial imagery. We have multiple drones with various camera options ranging from 12 MP to 20MP for stills. All of our drones shoot 4K video and are some of the same ones used to film for TV shows, TV commercials, and film sets. We will analyze your needs and chose the best drone for your project. Contact us today for a quote.