Golf course fly-through and overviews 

Drones are one of the best ways to show off golf courses. Whether you just want to showcase a clubhouse and amenities, or a fly-through of individual holes, MKE Drones can help. We have experience with fly-throughs, shooting overviews of country clubs, and we have even captured video for vendors at a US Open course. Here are some examples below. 

Erin Hills before the 2017 US Open - Erin, WI

Course Overview

Golf courses aren't just for playing 18 holes, so why not showcase all that your club had to offer? MKE Drones can gather quality video from tight shots of your clubhouse to soaring views of your entire course to create a video that gives a total perspective of what you have to offer.

Fly-through of Hole 15 - North Hills Country Club

HOle Fly-through

Gathering video of individual holes is more complicated than most people think. Ensuring lighting looks the same for all 18 holes, getting consistent speed, smooth movements for a single take of each hole, and the list goes on. At MKE Drones we have the experience to plan out your course fly-through to get quality, cinematic shots that will look great. Editing is crucial to making video and photos look spectacular, and we offer the attention to detail that is necessary to make sure your course has that "wow" factor.