The best drone imagery in Milwaukee

MKE Drones is one of the top aerial service provider in Milwaukee because of the level of quality we offer. Compare our videos and photos to others and you will see the difference. All of our drone photos and video are done in a safe manner than complies with all FAA commercial drone regulations. But we don't just shoot the photo and video - MKE Drones edits everything to meet your needs.

the corners of brookfield

Construction has been going on all over Milwaukee, but The Corners has been an exciting and highly visible project for the Waukesha area. They reached out to MKE Drones to provide photos and video for business to business meetings and for their website. We not only shot all the video footage, but edited the entire project. The results speak for themselves. Watch the video!

lake express ferry

Milwaukee, WI

Every spring the Lake Express heads down the Milwaukee River onto Lake Michigan for the season. We were asked to film this amazing experience with that large of a boat rarely being able to enter the river. With the boat having to keep moving, everything was shot in a single take with about 1 hour of time for the boat to get out to the lake. Then we edited a social media video for marketing purposes. 

north hills country club

Menomonee Falls, WI

This overview video for North Hills Country Club was done along with footage of each hole on the course. Take a look at the smoothness, quality, and clarity! Your videos can look this good too! The North Hills Country Club will soon be updated with lots of imagery and video from MKE Drones. 

altius building corp.

Milwaukee, WI

Construction projects can be difficult to photograph in a way that captures the entire project to show the scale of it. That is why Atius Building Corp uses MKE Drones for gathering aerial photos and video of their project "The 2100". We acquired the proper authorizations and gather data every 2 weeks. These images and video are used for planning, marketing with social media, and to show owners/developers of projects how the progress is coming. For more on construction progress imagery click here.

PLM Paving and concrete

Waukesha, WI

With a background in construction we were a great match to do this marketing video for PLM Paving and Concrete. It involved visiting multiple sites on multiple days to get an amazing perspective and scope of the various services they provide. MKE Drones provides aerial videos done right.


12-22-16 Southeast Face.jpg