AERIAL VIDEOGRAPHY - Cinematic feel and quality

Aerial videos are great for marketing, showcasing, and capturing memories. Social media gets more clicks with a video, and having a website with video means people will stay on the site longer which is great for SEO. Whether your needs are for commercials, websites, marketing, or for a large production, why not take your video to new heights and get new perspectives? 

Everyday people will buy a drone then claim to be a drone operator, but they don't know how to get quality footage, don’t follow the regulations, or are inexperienced. At MKE Drones we give you that cinematic look that makes your video stand out - and we do it safely. Editing is also crucial, which we use professional software to get the finish touches on video to make it look like it came out of a movie. 

We have multiple drones with different camera and lens options available to cover needs from indoor or tight spaces to cinema or TV footage. All our video is delivered edited unless professional editing is already being handled. Proper editing and use of music can make or break a video - don't settle for inferior content!

All of our aerial video is high definition, and our experience lets us get you the shots that look the best for your needs. Quality aerial video is the best way to get exposure for a website, marketing campaign, or print media. Take a look at our work - compare it to others and see why we are the best choice for your aerial photography needs. We are based in Milwaukee and service the Southeast of Wisconsin. Contact us for a quote or more info.