Aerial photo and video is a perfect fit for the construction industry. It offers the opportunity to show the size and scale of projects in a single image. Most contractors are busy, not in a place to dig into drone regulations, or don't have experience with proper editing of aerial photos and video. That's where we come in. MKE Drones specializes in helping out construction firms. With 10 years experience working in the construction industry, we understand safety, how construction sites operate, and know how to work with contractors. On a regular basis we shoot anywhere from 10-15 construction sites and are always looking to add more. Whether your needs are initial photos and videos for a client presentation, orbits and photos on a regular schedule to track construction progress, or shots of a completed project, we are here to help.

Site Video

Video is a great way to view the progress of a construction site. Shots of the site help to establish the size and show various elements of the construction - all in 4k quality. Orbits are great for tracking progress while video of the site from different angles can be great for marketing. If shots are done every few weeks, they can be combined to provide a single video showing the progression of the building from start to finish. 


Shot 2.jpg


Construction sites have a lot going on. Photos can help to get detail of the site as the build progresses. These photos can be used to provide current build into to owners, developers, or subcontractors. Photos also make great marketing materials whether showing off a site as it's being built, or just to let others see your great work. Regular site photos make for a great slide presentation to show the progress of a site from start to finish.

Presentation Footage and Effects

General contractors often have to give presentations to help close contracts or to help with planning in pre-construction. MKE Drones can gather footage to help take your presentation to the next level, or to help give better direction for preparing to start work. We can even place the graphics in the video for you. Whatever your footage needs, we are here to help. 

Orthomosaic Mapping
Plan Overlay

Construction MAPPING

A site map is a single image made up of many smaller images. This allows for the large image to have incredible clarity, and for great detail when zooming into a certain area of the image. They also offer current details of the site, unlike satellite images which are typically grainy and out of date. Ortho imaging can be used to view site details such as utility installs, or even overlaid with plans to compare wall locations on site to the location on the plans.

Plan/Site Overlay

With our drone created orthomosaic we can overlay civil and architectural plans overtop of a site as each phase of construction happens. This is a great way to show perspective of the end build to clients or the public 

Volumetric Mapping

Volumetric mapping

Jobsite grading can be a difficult even with modern technology offered on machines. Volumetric mapping with drones is quick, and can offer a view of how grading currently looks. This information can be handed over to civil engineers to compare the site to the plans in order to view how much work still needs to be done to balance a site. As well, it can be used to estimate the volume of piles on a job site or on a pit.. Need certified surveying? We will work with your engineer or one of our own to get certified surveys done quickly.