The best drone imagery in Milwaukee

MKE Drones is the top aerial service provider in Milwaukee, providing you with the best quality. Compare our videos and photos to others and you can see the difference. All of our drone photos and video are done in a safe manner that complies with all FAA commercial drone regulations. But we don't just shoot the photo and video - we edit everything to meet your needs. We have worked for a lot of national and local companies in all types of shooting situations from video production shoots to simple site visits to gather images when it fits our schedule.

the corners of brookfield

Construction has been going on all over Milwaukee, but The Corners has been an exciting and highly visible project for the Waukesha area. They reached out to MKE Drones to provide photos and video for business to business meetings and for their website. We not only shot all the video footage, but edited the entire project. The results speak for themselves. Watch the video!

Milwaukee County Parks

China Lights

The incredible lights display put on in Boerner Gardens each fall just made sense to be shot with a drone. The Milwaukee County Parks came to us about shooting multiples sites, and thanks to our waiver from the FAA allowing us to fly at night, we were able to legally get great footage and put together this great video.

Marquette University

Milwaukee, WI

When a school is right in the heart of a city it can be hard to share the buildings, locations, and views with new or prospective students. We helped Marquette University get unique first time views of buildings all over their campus, and effectively show its relation to downtown Milwaukee with video and photos from key locations of the university. 

Shot 1.jpg

Historic Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

Every year Doors Open is a city wide event that provides the opportunity for visitors to tour hundreds of building that people have never been in before, and might never see. The 2017 promotional video was shot and edited by MKE Drones. The music comes from a popular local Milwaukee Band.

lake express ferry

Milwaukee, WI

We have done multiple shoots for the Lake Express both in Milwaukee, WI and Muskegon, MI. Getting great, smooth shots while tracking a moving subject is not always easy, but the Lake Express keeps coming back to us because they know the level of quality they will get.