Construction, surveying, municipalities, inspection companies, and a seemingly endless number of industries can put drones to use. While most people prefer to hire these services out, some companies like to operate in house. 

Are you looking to add a drone fleet to your company?  MKE Drones offer consulting. Setting up a drone fleet can be complicated and confusing.  Since we follow the rules and regulations for our own flights, we have an extensive understanding of them. Let us use our knowledge and hundreds of hours of flying to help you setup, maintain, and manage a legal and professional fleet of drones and pilots. We can take you from step 1 of why you want to use a drone through to your finished product and uses to make sure you are seeing the value and return on your investment. Contact MKE Drones here for more info on consulting.


At MKE Drones we believe that part of our responsibilities are to help educate other on proper use of drones to keep them out of trouble, to keep the public safe, and to limit the necessity for more burdensome drone regulations. That is why we give presentations to help others learn how to safely use drones and follow the laws. Whether you have a commercial group or just hobbyists trying to understand the laws, we can present information on drones, the laws, and proper use in an easy to understand manner that relates specifically to your needs or your industry. Get in touch and find out how we can help.