About MKE Drones

Based in the Milwaukee area, MKE Drones has shot projects for major Milwaukee companies, and large national corporations. Our experience ranges from capturing stock imagery up to full production shoots for TV shows. We are fully FAA Certified, insured, and even have an FAA waiver for flying at night. Safety, planning, and proper equipment are the keys to making our shoots successful for all of our customers. Milwaukee is our home town and we are proud to be in Wisconsin - but we go where you need us!

Why Use Us?

The world of drones is constantly evolving. With drones available at the local big box store, new drone service providers are popping up all over the place. So how do you know who you should choose, and what sets MKE Drones apart from the competition?

  1. Legal.  Every pilot who works for us is FAA Certified. In truth, being “certified” just means you passed the FAA knowledge test for being an RPIC (Remote Pilot in Command). This is important as it is the only legal way to operate a drone commercially. For your legal protection this is a necessary requirement for anyone who you look at to perform drone services. That means the guy down the road who just bought a drone is not legally able to being hired, unless he also has an RPIC certificate (he probably doesn’t). This alone sets us apart from the every-day guy with a drone. 
  2. Insurance.  The FAA does not require commercial drone operators to carry insurance, and as a result many operators are not insured or are only partially insured. Being properly insured means that MKE Drones has general liability insurance for our business, but we also have aviation insurance policies that cover our flights in case a drone falls out of the sky and does property damage. But beyond that, many operators who might have a policy don’t understand the limitations of that policy. A lot of operators list that they use drones to shoot events or even shoot indoors - without realizing that their insurance policy does not cover events or flights indoors. At MKE Drones we have you covered for almost any situation.
  3. Experienced.  A lot of people with the ambition to start a drone service company hear about all the potential markets for drones - agriculture, inspections, mapping/surveying, construction site progress, and the list goes on. These new companies throw up a website and list all the dozens of services they provide! But often they have no experience in any of these areas, and they might not be aware that some of these areas require specialized camera or drone equipment in order to give clients information that is correct and actionable. At MKE Drones we list the services that we have experience in, and know how to do properly. That doesn’t mean that we don’t get into new markets or things we have not done before, but we will discuss the operation with the customer to make sure we understand what they want, and are able to properly help them. We will say no if we are not comfortable with performing that service safely, and correctly. This again separates us from a lot of competition who just list as many services as they can think of just to get people to call.
  4. Quality. Most drone companies post mediocre photos that aren’t level, video that is jerky and doesn’t look cinematic, and imagery is too dark in some areas and too bright in others. While drone cameras are sometimes limited due to size and weight, at MKE Drones we know how to get video that looks great. Despite those limitations, we will get the best possible quality our gear allows. Check out our work and see the quality, then look at other work and compare. The world of photo and video usually follows the old saying that “you get what you pay for”.
  5. Equipment. We use DJI equipment for all of our work due to the fantastic image quality that it can get. We love using the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro for most of our work, and have all the necessary equipment to run for night shoots, full day long production shoots, or to pack up and travel where you need us.

Let us be your aerial provider. We have hundreds of hours of experience flying our drones and in editing. Whether you need footage for a TV/Film production, commercial, photos for a website, commercial real estate imagery, or want to have regular flights over a construction site, don’t settle - use MKE Drones.